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How big is the baby products market? According to the statistical announcement released by the Fifth Census, 16 million babies are born every year, and about 69 million infants and toddlers aged 0-3 years old. Among them, the number of infants and toddlers aged 0-3 in rural areas exceeds 10 million. Equivalent to the total population of Australia.

For example, some projects that use number stacks use probability as weapons. Some friends who do gray projects also use probability to comfort themselves. Don't challenge probability, because probability has an expected value, and the expected value is negative, and the outcome of the event is 100 % Will fail! This is science.

Choosing the right direction is not the end, but the beginning. The rest depends on your own persistence, because any website takes a long time to accumulate from establishment, growth, and profitability, ranging from half a year to more. For three to five years, it depends on whether you can survive.

With the rise of domestic commerce, many people who seized the opportunity have reaped good returns on wealth by investing in some unpopular and profitable industries. But while we are paying attention to the successful cases, we must learn to seek some inspiration from the stories behind their entrepreneurial success. This can also help you avoid many detours in the future.

Children’s things tend to sell best and are expensive, but the sales volume of toys is still amazing, indicating that the market prospects in this area are huge. Children have a great demand for different toys because of their natural curiosity and the influence of TV and movies. You can buy current popular toys and some educational toys that parents prefer. Due to the government's relaxation of the second-child policy, the prospects for this small business are still relatively broad.

Of course, in Qutoutiao, you can also make money through promotion. The promotion is actually very simple, just invite friends around you to come, then you will get corresponding cash rewards, and you will get a certain amount of cash for every person you invite Reward, if you invite more and more people, then this bonus will increase proportionally. Therefore, it is also very good to promote and make money in Qu Toutiao.